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“Rabbi Hammer is a brilliant dynamic Torah scholar, lecturer, author and teacher. His skills and knowledge have already gained for him an international reputation.”
Rabbi Berel Wein
Rabbi Hammer’s engaging visit to our elementary school was a terrific way to reinforce the connection between our students and the State of Israel. He easily found the balance needed to reach a group of religiously diverse children across three grade levels and they hung on every word spellbound by his enthusiastic presentation.
He can reach out to people of all levels of observance and get across relevant, thought-provoking messages. By adding humour and energy to his talks, he captivates the audience and everyone goes away better informed. I highly recommend this world-class speaker and scholar.
We brought Rabbi Hammer back by popular demand. Some speakers have good scholarship, but poor presentation skills. Others present well without depth. Rabbi Hammer, has a unique combination; depth, vision and the ability to captivate. He is a wonderful example of the living reality of Religious Zionism.
Rabbi Andrew Rosenblatt, Shaarey Tzedek Vancouver BC
Our synagogue was overrun with persons attending his lecture and I was overwhelmed with emotion due to Rabbi Hammer’s presentation on Israel. I strongly encourage other congregations to bring Rabbi Hammer to your community, I promise you will not be disappointed.
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