Gila’s Way: Mental Health and Suicide Awareness

Lessons to Learn Regarding the Value of Life

On December 5, 2019 Rabbi Shalom Hammer’s 18 year old daughter died by suicide. This presentation reveals Gila’s story and what lead to the tragic end of her life. The presentation addresses Mental Health awareness and the importance of removing stigmas associated with it; some of the warning signs we need to be aware of including other issues in the Jewish community, and finally short narratives and Divrei Torah regarding how Gila lived her life and the example she served for all of us.

Following the presentation there will be a complete Q&A session and each participant will receive a list of warning signs and risk factors to consider regarding depression and risk of suicide in an attempt to remove stigmas, disseminate information and enhance awareness.

In Memory of Gila Yocheved Hammer z”l and Reb Eliezar Ben Reb Yitzchak z”l.